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The Flying Mouthguard

Of course you saw it:  a dental mouth guard made prime time news!

It may seem obvious, but why does Steph Curry wear a mouth guard? It couldn’t be for looks, although the trademark twirling and dangling of Steph’s appliance has become part of his Warrior image.

Wearing any kind of a mouth guard is about protection. In the sports arena it is to prevent damage to the teeth by impact.  A sport that involves physical contact is a place ripe for trauma to the jaw, jaw joint (TMJ), teeth and soft tissue of the face.

Over the years we have witnessed a number of impact injuries among our patients.  Without question the people that wore mouth guards experienced the least amount of damage to their teeth.

Many coaches and trainers are encouraging mouth protection. Seeing a sports celebrity like Curry wearing his guard raises the awareness of this simple and effective method of dental protection.  Congratulations to the NBA’s unanimous MVP and his team for a historic and unforgettable season!

Next time: Other reasons for wearing a mouth guard



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