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Whitening Begins!

Whitening Begins

Now I have so much more empathy with my patients who buy a new power brush or pay for a whitening kit and then don’t use it.  It has taken me two weeks to actually start the whitening process.  Why?  One reason:  it’s best not to drink coffee or tea or red wine or eat “red” food while bleaching.  Ideally, you shouldn’t have anything like that at all for the two weeks or so you’re whitening.  That’s what I intended to do, but practically speaking, I decided I’d cheat a bit and just minimize the coffee and tea and not drink it for at least two hours after using the trays.  (Note to self:  whitening in the summer would decrease the desire for warm drinks.)

Another reason that I procrastinated is that it is something new to add to my already busy daily routine.  Change can be so difficult.

But finally, finally, I began.  First I studied the instruction sheet (that came in 16 different languages).  Secondly, I loaded the trays and put them in my mouth for 15 minutes.  How simple is that?  One issue, though.  Back a long time ago when I opened the kit, the syringe dispensing tip seems to have been overlooked and now was nowhere to be found.  Therefore, I couldn’t be super accurate is placing a “small bead of gel” into the bottom of each tooth impression in the tray.  Hence, I used too much gel.  Oh did my gums feel it!  But the Finishing Rinse was soothing and took care of all sensitivity.

The good news is that I’ve done three sessions and my gums are okay and I’m on a roll.

Next week:  results? 

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