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  • Halloween Candy Buyback
    Halloween Candy Buy-Back 2015 - A Photo History A big thank you to all who donated candy - over 850 pounds were collected! The candy went to our troops via Operation Gratitude, Read more
  • Odds & Ends
    There is an addendum to our previous discussion about pH and bottled water from ourknowledgeable representative from GSK, the company that makes Sensodyne. Our previous discussion was about flavored water drinks.  Read more
  • Radiation, Bananas & Dental X-rays
    You may have noticed something new on the walls of our treatment rooms:  a Radiation Dosage Chart.  This (hopefully) easy to read list is meant to give you a comparison Read more
  • Acid & Sugar - The Deadly Duo in Drinks
    A patient recently asked a question that I didn’t have an answer for: Can sparkling water damage teeth?   Here are the facts: Sugar in drinks cause cavities.  The amount of sugar in Read more
  • The Law of Giving and Receiving Always Surprises
    What is it about doing something for someone else, even when you don’t feel like it, that always seems to result in the greater benefit to yourself? Such was the case Read more
  • Cold Sores and Kiwi fruit
    Happy New Year to all!  When last we blogged, we promised to discuss canker sores and kiwi fruit.  We had heard that eating kiwi fruit daily helps prevent the development of Read more
  • Waterpiking Part II
    So yes, flossing reigns supreme as the best way to clean the spaces between teeth, but oral irrigators have their place.  First, there are the non-flossing people.  At some point you Read more
  • Waterpiks
    What about Waterpiks? Quite often we are asked what we think of Waterpiks.  Is it a good tool to use?  Does it really help keep your mouth cleaner? A little clarification:  the Read more
  • Oil Pulling Continued....
    A few weeks ago, the following happened in our office:  Here we were, several of us, up at the front desk, chatting about the phenomenon of oil pulling, when a Read more
  • Oil Pulling: Does it really work?
    Earlier this month The Mercury News declared in bold print:  “Coconut Power…devotees proclaim its health benefits are legion.”   Oil pulling, the practice of pulling, pushing, and sucking coconut oil through Read more
  • In our own words: Flossing
    In Our Own Words: Why do we recommend flossing every day? Linda: Brushing will clean only 3 of the 5 sides of each tooth – only floss can remove plaque in Read more
  • CDA Cares - Solano
    Fabulous Weekend  I (Dr. JoAnne) am pleased to report that our entire office participated in the CDA Cares dental event in Vallejo on April 27 and 28.  The following statistics tell Read more
  • Sugar Continued
    Hidden Sugars in things we like to eat.   Reading food labels to determine sugar content is pretty interesting.  Since most labels use grams,  an easy rule of thumb is 1 tsp Read more
  • More on Sugar
    Yes, we Americans are “wildly exceeding”  the recommended limits of sugar consumption for men and women set by the American Heart Association.  The American Heart Association?  Yes, it turns out Read more
  • Sugar, Sugar Everywhere
    And the answer is:  22.7 teaspoons/day   And the question was:  what is the actual amount of sugar consumed daily by the average American?   Compare that to the recommended guidelines:             women – 6 Read more
  • Happy New Year
    Happy New Year The year 2014 is well underway, and it’s high time to think about health and wellness and settling into a nutritious dietary routine. The month of December is always Read more

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