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  • One good cleaning?
    We were enjoying a meal with friends on Christmas Eve, when one of the 20-something men related the story of his last dental cleaning in the military.  He gave a Read more
  • Bleaching Update
    Whitening Update Almost three weeks have passed, and I am happy to report that I have used 75% of the whitening gel.   My teeth are visibly lighter.  It took me a Read more
  • Whitening Begins!
    Whitening Begins Now I have so much more empathy with my patients who buy a new power brush or pay for a whitening kit and then don’t use it.  It has Read more
  • Update about last week's post on brushing!
    A note regarding last week’s discussion of combining leg exercises with brushing: it works best with an electric toothbrush that has a timer.  The power brush pauses every 30 seconds Read more
  • Boring Brushing?
    I hate to admit it, but spending two minutes with my Sonicare morning and evening can be laborious and, frankly, boring.  I lose interest in angling the brush head toward Read more
  • Welcome to our blog!
    Welcome to our blog! Our purpose in blogging is to discuss (hopefully) interesting topics related to dentistry, with a personal touch.   So, I (Dr. JoAnne) will begin by talking about the most Read more

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