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When a toothbrush isn't a toothbrush


It's a fascinating concept:  to shorten brushing time and do in 10 seconds what now takes 2+ minutes.  We do like that aspiration! However, research shows the product does not achieve its goal of accomplishing the same quality of cleaning.  In fact, it looks like it doesn't even come close.


The only scientific study done so far on these products was one out of Florence, Italy, where in 22 subjects, the tray toothbrush was found to be ineffective.  The study was referenced in this article:  

Notice also, that the tray doesn't get down to the gum-tooth margins of the front teeth.  That is the most important part of the teeth to brush, as you well know!  A stock tray size just won't fit each mouth perfectly, especially when there is gum recession that makes the teeth essentially much longer.  

We will be interested to follow this product line and see if these shortcomings can be fixed.  In the meantime, we don’t recommend spending your money on it.  

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