Patient Testimonials

Testimonials for Dr. Robert Yee & his Team

Mary Kathryn F, Santa Clara, CA 8/25/21

Melanie (hygienist) rocks! She's thorough, friendly, and knowledgeable when asked questions. Dr. Yee is friendly, approachable and again helpful with questions. And Nicole is just outright the best. She is quick to answer any questions, from scheduling to billing and insurance. Thanks team!

Dania E, Sunnyvale, CA 8/18/21

Thank you for a very positive and successful first dentist appointment getting the girls comfortable and walking away saying it was fun! We really appreciate your gentle approach to ensure they had a great experience.

Terry M, Mountain View, CA 8/17/21

The treatment was professional, friendly and efficient. Thank you.

Robert P, San Jose, CA 8/12/21

I've always enjoyed coming for my appointments with Drs. Carr over the years, and I'm enjoying getting to know Dr. Yee. The hygienists are always thorough, helpful, and courteous, and Nicole and Erin are always a joy to work with!

Marcella V, Cupertino, CA 8/11/21

My husband and I have been patients for a long time and we wouldn't want to go anywhere else.

King Y, Cupertino, CA 8/10/21

Always a pleasure to see everyone

Karen M, Sunnyvale, CA 8/5/21

Really enjoy the professional and honest atmosphere. Learned a lot during my appointment today about health maintenance.

Steve P, San Jose, CA 8/4/21

Excellent first time experience!

Clara L, Milpitas, CA 8/3/21

Please keep the excellent work & service.

Jeff W, Sunnyvale, CA 8/3/21

It's always a pleasure visiting your office. Looking forward to my next visit!

Komala P, Sunnyvale, CA 7/27/21

Would definitely recommend Melanie to friends and family.

Amy H, Mountain View, CA 7/7/21

Thank you for your kind and attentive service.

Paul B, San Jose, CA 6/23/21

Mel is one of the best at her job that the office has ever had and Dr. Yee is a fabulous replacement for the Drs. Carr. He is wonderful.

Muriel B, Cupertino, CA 6/17/21

You have exceeded our expectations and only wish we had found out about you sooner. Your entire team gets the gold medal for professionalism, customer service, kindness, thoroughness, and heartfelt care. Thank you for taking care of our 95 year young mother in an all-round wonderful way.

Emily M, Los Altos, CA 6/16/21

Thanks for all your care.

Ran O, Sunnyvale, CA 5/26/21

You are amazing.

Christa N, San Jose, CA 5/26/21,

Exceptionally warm and friendly staff who give a lot of attention and concern to patients. I actually look forward to dental appointments. Highly recommend their services.

Oliver H, Campbell, CA 5/17/21

Appreciate the kind and professional staff. Thank you!

Angela C, Saratoga, CA 5/17/21

Always love my visits. All are very warm and professional.

Colleen M, Santa Clara, CA 5/12/21

I felt right at home as always. Thanks everyone for taking such great care of me!

Stephen N, Santa Clara, CA 5/10/21

Very convenient replacement of filling on day of cleaning.

Ron B, Mountain View, CA 5/10/21

Like family,... as always.

Tricia C, Campbell, CA 5/5/2021

You guys are amazing! Love everything about your office, Drs., and staff! Thank you so much for all you do!!

Barbara C, Santa Clara, CA 5/3/2021

Everyone is very friendly and makes you feel welcomed.

Christopher M, Los Altos Hills, CA 4/29/2021

Enjoyed the visit today!

Trinh D, Campbell, CA 4/26/2021

It was a great experience!

Patrick P, Sunnyvale, CA 4/15/2021

Top notch as always! Thanks for the wonderful care. See you all in six months.

Annika U, Sunnyvale, CA 4/5/2021

Doing great, love how you make us all feel cared for and safe.

Stephen F, Los Altos, CA 3/29/2021

I particularly appreciated the specific points that Dr. Yee made when we reviewed my bitewing x-rays and discussed how home care would help with the specific areas of concern and exactly what type of home care would be best. Wasn't a long discussion--perhaps 30 to 60 seconds--but very helpful and applied. Often dentists and technicians don't explain well. Patients just get the tired refrain of "brush and floss more". That wasn't the case here, and it was appreciated.

Aimee M, Saratoga, CA 3/18/2021

You guys are the best - compassionate, capable, and accommodating - appreciate you!

Scott M, San Jose, CA 3/16/2021

As always, it was a pleasure! So nice to see the continuity with what the Carrs were doing back in the day. A very good experience!

Leissa H, Sunnyvale, CA 03/04/2021

Extra shout out to Nicole who always remembers my personal history and makes me feel like I'm not 'just another patient'. She is terrific!

Collene P, Sunnyvale, CA 03/01/2021

Thanks for your continued friendly and excellent service!

Judy H, Los Altos, CA 02/23/2021

I felt well cared for and appreciate that Dr. Yee was able to include another procedure along with replacing my crown.

YiMing T, Cupertino, CA 02/17/2021

I am very happy to work with Dr. Yee! I am feel safe to visit his Dentist Office.

MiYung S, Los Altos, CA 02/12/2021

Linda did a fantastic job as usual and spent the time needed to "catch up clean" after I had to skip a few appointments because of covid and other dental work. The staff was efficient and friendly, and Dr. Yee took time to communicate well, from explaining the procedure to presenting options for future work. I did not feel they tried to do extraneous procedures and only presented what would be necessary or beneficial to the patient, as did Dr. Carr in the past.

Ben H, San Jose, CA 02/02/2021

Literally 0 complaints, everyone is so friendly and professional it leaves you *almost* looking forward to coming. But considering having dental work done is one of my least favorite activities to do in life, I’d say you guys are doing an excellent job😁👍 keep it up!

Karen M, Sunnyvale, CA 01/28/2021

During my appointment today, I felt that the staff were professional, mindful, and kind. It was nice to meet Dr Yee. Thank you for making my experience so pleasant.

Gayla H, Cupertino, CA 01/27/2021

Very professional and friendly staff! I had Dr. Yee and Linda today and thoroughly enjoyed their professional approach and friendly manner!

Mary Lynne C, San Jose, CA 01/26/2021

Dr. Yee and staff were very helpful and explained all procedures. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family!

Paul B, San Jose, CA 01/06/2021

Thank you for getting me in so quickly when I thought I had an issue and thanks to Dr. Yee for his clear explanation and recommendations.

Marissa G, Salinas, CA 01/05/2021

Thank you for welcoming us back into the new year with ease and care with the pandemic. Your office protocol assures me of my health and safety. Thank you for making me feel comfortable.

Kollene H, Los Altos, CA 01/04/2021

I’ve already referred my friends son. Going to the dentist is a “ have too” and Dr Carr and Dr Yee make it go as easy, peaceful and as enjoyable as it can be :). Everyone is so nice and the atmosphere is peace-filled and fun.

Milan G, Cupertino, CA 12/21/2020

I was glad to meet Dr. Yee and Jane...always good to see Nicole! You all had everything covered extremely well! Thank you.

Scott R, Sunnyvale, CA 12/2/2020

Thank you for your wonderful service - everyone was so kind and I appreciate the amazing level of protection taken by the staff! I definitely felt safe and comfortable. :)

Christine R, Sunnyvale, CA 11/18/2020

The entire team is always wonderful! I'm so glad that we found you years ago. Thank you for all the extra work you have done to make it safe for us during Covid-19. I'm on the every 3 months plan and really really appreciate you! Blessings!

Kim J, Los Altos, CA 11/5/2020

Super friendly, super efficient, super safe. I always appreciate the very personal experience I have in your office, and that the staff all care about my whole life -- not just my teeth!

Varad G, Santa Clara, CA 10/21/2020

Continue to have a great experience at this clinic every single time! Thanks each and every one of you for being professional, knowledgeable and kind!

Jenny R, Sunnyvale, CA 10/15/2020

Best dentists in our bay area. After tried several dentists, Dr. Carr was recommended by parents of my children's friends. from that time we have been going to Dr.Carr office over 10 years because of their best work, most friendly, trustworthy, supper clean, most updated technology to help patients, reasonable charge which always pay back by our insurance.

Kelly Y, Sunnyvale, CA 10/14/2020

Fantastic accommodations to meet current needs for COVID-19. My entire family and I felt safe and cared for. Thank you!

Pat P, Sunnyvale, CA 10/8/2020

You all have put numerous safeguards and procedures in place to protect all of us during this pandemic, both for yourselves and us patients. Thanks a bunch. I felt at ease during my visit. Keep up the top-notch care and attention to detail. After 15 years, it’s why my wife and I will not consider going anywhere else!

Thoa C, Santa Clara, CA 9/17/2020

My son Reid (13yo) was super happy with the dental visit and said everyone was so gentle! He was literally all smiles after leaving the office. Strange but true!

Dorota U, Saratoga, CA 8/27/2020

Thank you for making your patients feel cared for and safe, given the challenging circumstances of working during a pandemic. I appreciated having the changes in procedures explained and the care given to how you cared for us while we were there. 

Keep on doing what you are doing. My last experience with the filling replacement was seriously the best dental procedure experience I have had in my life. No jaw pain. No injection pain. No post-procedure pain or issues. Just wow.

Susan M, San Jose, CA 8/25/2020

Dr, Robert and Melanie - Both of them were great. The office was really clean and there was no waiting period. Thank you.

Michael M, San Jose, CA 8/6/2020

Melanie should be recognized for her great work. I’m impressed with how she studies my case beforehand as well as can explain my status to the doctor after cleaning (although I didn’t see Dr Carr this visit) Great work!

Emma N, Los Altos, CA 8/5/2020

Melanie was amazing with my girls! She was thorough and took the time to have a conversation with them. She made it easy and comfortable for them (and us parents!). Thank you!

Brian M, Santa Clara, CA 8/3/2020

This was the first time I met Dr. Yee and I appreciate his advice regarding a problem I had. I am also very thankful for the hygiene work done by Melanie.

Karen M, Sunnyvale, CA 7/23/2020

Office was very clean and ventilated. Everyone had appropriate PPE. The new equipment for shots and machine for creating a light vacuum during drilling had a side benefit of good white noise to filter out the sound of drilling. I felt very safe and the experience was very professional.

Magali T, Santa Cruz, CA 7/21/2020

So happy to have found a new dentist. You guys rock. Love Dr. Yee.

Robert P, San Jose, CA 7/20/2020

I really appreciate all the accommodations you have made due to COVID, from scheduling to the pre-check-in screening to the safety in the office. I felt totally safe in your care!

Kelly V, Sunnyvale, CA 7/15/2020

Thank you for taking so many precautions to reduce the spread of COVID 19 in the dental office. I felt safe being there.

Rita L. Los Altos, CA 7/2/2020

It was a really good visit today. Everyone is so nice and that is super appreciated in today's COVID environment where you are often ignored or treated in an unfriendly way. It was nice to feel safe, comfortable, and welcome! I saw Melanie today and she's great. She's gentle and thorough. I really like her technique. I never have complaints except for sometimes the parking and today that was easy. It was great to catch up with Dr. Tom and Nicole and to meet Ali. All in all just a really nice experience. My teeth are looking forward to their next visit....and they're kind of picky!

Susan H. Sunnyvale, CA 6/30/2020

I felt very comfortable in your office today and the new COVID-19 procedures seemed seamless. Thank you for continuing to provide the excellent care that I’ve come to expect over the years.

Kollene H. Los Altos, CA 6/25/2020

I already thought your office was super clean and sanitary. Now with Covid you have really up’d the precautions. I never once was nervous getting my teeth cleaned today. I love everyone of your staff members. What a great office and business. Allie was amazing. Super nice and thorough.

Mike C. Cupertino, CA 3/5/2020

Melanie was an AWESOME hygienist--being very careful to avoid a very sensitive area on one of my teeth, but also doing a very thorough job!

Sue A. Mountain View, CA 2/27/2020

The team is always accommodating and offer the highest level of care and information to help me make the right decisions regarding my oral health.

Esther V. Los Altos, CA 2/25/2020

First time seeing Melanie and Dr. Robert. Both gave great service.

Filipe M. San Jose, CA 7/27/2017

I went to the same family dentist for nearly 30 years, and recently decided to try out this well-reviewed local dentist in my neighborhood. I'm glad I did, because my experience has been nothing short of exceptional.

The first thing I noticed is how friendly everyone was, from the front staff to the dental assistants to the dentist himself. I saw Dr. Yee, and I'm always glad to see him. Every time I've come in, I've been greeted by name, and I've always been seen within a couple minutes of arriving.

The procedures themselves have been remarkably painless, and Dr. Yee and his staff are always sensitive to any discomfort I may have experienced - which was always very minimal. I was always impressed by the quality of the equipment. Some examples include X-rays that swivel out of walls and don't require you to go to a separate chair/room. They also have TVs in front of you where they can show you X-rays, and different views of your teeth. All in all, the place just FEELS great - which goes a long way to making me feel less nervous about dental appointments.

Dr. Yee himself is a delight, and I always enjoy hearing his sense of humor, and really enjoy his bedside manner.

My girlfriend and I both go here and are happy with it, and we recommend it to our friends and family.

Troy T. Santa Clara, CA 3/7/2018

Dr. Yee is great - always being thoughtful and thorough with all the dental work thats been done on me. I never felt any hassle around the paperwork/insurance, and they will go the extra mile to make sure I am satisfied with everything. I am probably not the best customer (I never know if my mouth is numb or not, and I missed an appointment once ), yet they are always patient and kind. Thanks for fixing me up!

Claudia M. San Jose, CA 1/16/18

On recommendation from my brother, I made an appointment. Everyone I've interacted with in the office has been great and welcoming.

And more specifically Dr. Yee are amazing. I've had a lot of work done and each visit has been a breeze (even with all the drilling), their bedside manner, care, professionalism and sense of humor make it so. I could have not landed a better dentist!

Eric T. Sammamish, WA 8/9/2017

I called them on a Monday to schedule a routine cleaning, and they were able to fit me in the next day.  I'm not from this area, and my dentist back home is the best dentist I've ever come across, so the bar was pretty high coming in.  The offices are clean, with plenty of parking, and the waiting area is comfortable and spacious.  The staff are professional and friendly.  The new patient forms didn't take too long to fill out and were self-explanatory.  They were really thorough in cleaning my teeth, part of which was done by Dr. Yee, and the rest (polishing, etc.) by a hygienist.  They charged pretty much what I pay back home, which was surprising given the cost of living in Silicon Valley.  All in all, a very pleasant experience as far as visits to the dentist go.

Amber C. San Jose, CA 9/20/2016

The front of the office is so warm, nice & professional. My dentist Dr. Robert Yee is not only talented and great at his craft, but he is so compassionate as well. I am having extensive work & he came up with a plan that works with my budget but he he also reassured me he woulzd fix my teeth so I would love my smile again. So far he has kept his word & i feel good smiling again. I trust his confidence & couldn't be more happy & grateful to be his patient. I highly recommend Dr. Robert Yee. I will be a "forever" patient of theirs.

Testimonials for Drs. Carr

The fact that we and members of our family have been patients of the the Drs Carr since 1981 speaks for itself with regard to our ongoing satisfaction with their individual care, patient-friendly attitudes, and ever-timely methods of practice! (And their supporting staff is absolutely outstanding as well!).

You could not be happier than as patients of the Doctors Carr, and their team of associates!

---- Dr Art and Margaret Brown

I’m quite picky when it comes to dentists and having been with about 10 dentists in my life, I would rank Drs. Carr (and their staff) a clear #1. I have been a happy patient for 11 years now and have recommended this practice to my friends and colleagues.


It’s a joy to visit Dr. Carr’s office for my check-ups/hygiene, with friendly expert care. Even serious dental work is comfortable and nearly painless. Highly recommended!


I used to be stressed when I went to the dentist, but I no longer struggle with that since I became a patient of Dr. Carr’s. Over the course of 6 years, I have had a variety of dental procedures done by Dr. Carr and his staff, from regular cleanings to crowns to bridges. I am extremely pleased that every procedure was completed with excellence, using the latest technology. Dr. Carr is meticulous. When my bridge (in the most visible part of my smile) needed replacing, it turned out better than I imagined possible. The office is warm and inviting. Equal to their technical expertise is the genuine care and concern shown by every member of the staff from receptionist to hygienists to Dr. Assistant to Drs. Tom and JoAnne Carr. I highly recommend Drs. Carr and their staff!


Dr. Tom and Dr. JoAnne Carr have been my dentist and my family’s dentists for over twelve years. I’ve been more than thrilled with our care. I refer friends and colleagues and they are more than grateful for introducing them to the Carr’s. I came to the practice after a traumatic appointment with another dentist. Once I found Dr. Carr and he fixed my tooth I’ve never looked back. Visiting the dentist is actually a relaxing and enjoyable time.


**5 Stars!!!** Doctors JoAnne and Tom Carr are outstanding dentists in their technical skills, up to date equipment and gentle approach. They take the time to explain each procedure and are always available for questions or concerns. They are always prompt and “on Schedule.” Their office staff is friendly and organized. Even my 6 year old granddaughter joyously looks forward to each visit!

Carol M.

Our family has been consulting Drs. Thomas and JoAnne Carr for over 15 years now and we have received the best dental care possible. The complete team here is great right from Nicole at the front desk to all the hygiene and of course the doctors. We whole heartedly recommend Drs. Carr to anybody who is looking for fantastic dental care.


Friendly wonderful Staff! Dr. Carr is a perfectionist. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Claire S.

Thank you so much for always taking such good care of my teeth. I appreciate all the special care you take in listening to my needs with regards to my teeth health. I appreciate your excellent work and expertise you have given me throughout the years. You and your staff are first rate and such a pleasure. I thank you for making that generous offer to take care of my front tooth most recently at no charge. Just another reminder of why I have remained a loyal patient. I always recommend you to all my friends. Funny thing is I am never sorry to go to the dentist… all because of everyone at your office!


Drs. Carr have been my dentists for nearly 14 years (as well as my husband’s). It is important to have confidence and trust in a dentist, especially when your teeth require extensive work. My experiences have always been very good, without any regret or controversy. The staff work well together and the overall experience is quite pleasant as “dentistry” goes. And the music itunes? Really a wonderfully varied mix of genres. I truly recommend them to any family or individual.


Dr. Tom, Dr. JoAnne and the entire staff are simply exceptional. They truly care about each patient and are very patient in answering questions. They work with great integrity and are committed to doing a quality job. Dr. Tom did a number of my crowns and they have been holding up really well for the last several years. I would highly recommend Drs. Carr to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy dentist!


Thank you for giving me my smile back!

Dr. Carr, With fear and trepidation, I ventured out to find a new dentist. I interviewed several dentists at friend’s recommendations. B Z just insisted that I have a consultation with you. I had been so unhappy with my teeth for so many years, that I think I had given up on ever being able to smile again without feeling self-conscious. I think I also gave up on taking care of my teeth too. What was the point when they looked so bad? I didn’t give that open-mouth belly laugh anymore because of all the metal in my mouth. When I would smile or laugh, I found myself covering my mouth with my hand because of my front teeth and front fillings. I am so happy with the work you have done!!! You are, truly, an artist in your craft. Your team is warm, caring and enjoyable. You are so kind and considerate in your approach. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for giving me my smile back! I am looking forward to my new front teeth. It will feel like Christmas everyday…..

I raise my water glass and toast you to big toothy grins!! LOL



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