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As a new patient your initial appointment will consist of a complete examination including a review of medical and dental history, screening for oral cancer, evaluation of teeth and gums, and an inspection of your bite and jaw joint (TMJ).You will also be taken on a tour of your mouth using a video camera where you will see yourself in a way you never have before! Dr. Yee may recommend acquiring x-rays, photographs, and study models of your teeth to obtain adequate information to make a complete assessment of your mouth.

    Financial & Insurance Information

If you have dental insurance, most insurance companies will cover services provided in our office. Since Dr. Yee is not under the umbrella of insurance companies, his patients enjoy the ability to make decisions on the dental treatment that is in their best interest. Dr. Yee is not 'in-network' for any insurance carrier. If you have any questions about specific dental coverage, we are happy to assist you.

Our patients are accustomed to paying for their dental services at the time of treatment. As a service for our patients, all insurance forms and associated documentation are processed for them. We take care of all the details. With our practice's investment in state of the art electronic processing software our patients find they receive reimbursements from their insurance companies in record time.

  • We can bill all PPO insurance companies.


Payment Options

  • Visa/ MasterCard/ Discover/American Express
  • Cash/Check

Facilities and Equipment

  • Digital X-rays, Panoramic and Intra-oral
  • Intra Oral Photography
  • Cerec CAD/CAM- computer generated, one-visit crowns
  • Operator Magnification Devices
  • Intra Oral Video Camera
  • EOS oral suction units
  • Hepa filtration units with UV-C lights in treatment areas

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