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Whitening Update

Almost three weeks have passed, and I am happy to report that I have used 75% of the whitening gel.   My teeth are visibly lighter.  It took me a while, but I eventually got the hang of loading the trays with the right amount of peroxide gel.  I learned it was very obvious when the trays were overfilled because my gums burned immediately.  I know now that when that happens, it is best to just pull the trays out of your mouth and start over. 

The advantage of this type of system is that it takes only 15 minutes a day to do.  Still, it was difficult for me to be consistent and wear the trays daily.  One time I did the whitening right before we went out for dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant.  There I was, drinking tea with my fried rice!  I suspect the benefit of the whitening that day was cancelled by bathing my teeth in a stain-producing liquid shortly thereafter. 

Despite my inconsistency and lack of complete adherence to the suggested guidelines, I got results.  It is nice to feel confident of my smile.  

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