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  • When a toothbrush isn't a toothbrush
      It's a fascinating concept:  to shorten brushing time and do in 10 seconds what now takes 2+ minutes.  We do like that aspiration! However, research shows the product does not achieve Read more
  • What Crowns and Bridges Can Do for Your Smile
    Bridges and crowns are two of the most popular dental solutions for damaged or missing teeth. These restorative treatments utilize prosthetic appliances for restoring your smile to its healthy and Read more
  • Is Glide floss safe?
    I saw it first on my Facebook feed some months ago, something about Glide containing harmful chemicals and not being good to use. What’s the real story? It turns out that a Read more
  • Another Compelling Reason for Regular Dental Visits
    Science keeps finding ways that mouth health is linked to total body health. The latest news is a potential link between gum (periodontal) disease and Alzheimer’s disease. In the study cited, Read more
  • A New Year
    Hello Friends, We hope your New Year has gotten off to a great start and that your resolution to floss every day has already become a habit (for daily flossing IS Read more
  • The Importance of Hobbies
      Read more
  • How to make flossing fun!
    There is a new product on the market that has come to our attention (thank you, Cindy B.):  Cocofloss.  Here is the answer to the drudgery of daily flossing.  Cocofloss is Read more
  • Our Week in Ecuador
    Last month we had the privilege to be a part of a team of 73 on a trip to Quito, Ecuador, with Dental Community Fellowship. Although the group was mostly Read more
  • Peru Mission Trip - January 2017
    Trip to Peru - January 2017 Last month Dr. Tom and I spent a week in Pisac, Peru, providing dental care for the local townspeople of this small town high in Read more
  • Dental facts to start 2017
    Happy New Year!  Listed below are three random facts that are relevant to mouths and dentistry, procured from my inbox: 1.   Drinking water after eating reduces the acid in your mouth by Read more
  • Fluoride in our water - continued
      December 5, 2016 is the date when areas of Santa Clara County will begin receiving fluoridated water.  Here are the zip codes of fully or partially fluoridated water as of December Read more
  • Fluoride in our water
    Question:  Is the water in the South Bay fluoridated? Answer:  It’s complicated. First, some background info.  What’s the big deal about fluoride? Fluoride has been shown to be a player in the fight Read more
  • To floss or not to floss continued...
    To floss or not to floss – continued…. The Best comment I have regarding last week’s flossing news is from Emily Willingham of Forbes Magazine: “I would like to urge the Read more
  • To floss or not to floss?
    Flossing not beneficial? Balderdash! It was hard not to miss this morning’s front page Mercury News treatment of the latest dental bombshell: The federal government, after compiling studies on flossing, said there’s Read more
  • The Flying Mouthguard
    Of course you saw it:  a dental mouth guard made prime time news! It may seem obvious, but why does Steph Curry wear a mouth guard? It couldn’t be for looks, Read more
  • Happiness is......
                  Happiness is…… After a slight “blog-cation”, may we begin again with this astounding statement: Our office is in the business of making you happy. Did you know: Smiling has a profound impact on our Read more

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